The Sheriff Behind Bars (1965) Full Movie

The Sheriff Behind Bars
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The Sheriff Behind Bars (1965) : A dramatic story from the setting of a youth de tention center. Youngster Jakub, out of delusory solidarity, gets convicted of theft and goes to prison in place ofthe "sheriff" of his gang. He naively hopes that the sheriff will appreciate his gesture and leaves the stolen goods in a safe hideaway to later divide them fairly among the gang members. This conviction gives Jakub the strength to endure the unbearable conditions in the center. But reality is often much harsher than naive ideals and hollow relations in the gang.

Title The Sheriff Behind Bars (1965)
Release Date Sep 21, 1965
Production Company
Production Countries
Casts Otakar Prajzner, Jiří Sedlmayer, Martin Štěpánek
Plot Keywords
Otakar Prajzner
Jiří Sedlmayer
Martin Štěpánek